Nigerian Artistes are Gifted: The Adeyanju Adenike example

 Adeyanju Adenike Set to make Nigeria proud in Uruguay
Adeyanju Adenike p.k.a Princess

By Oladipo Oluwatosin

Nigeria is greatly endowed with many talented and gifted men and women in the Entertainment industry.

They carve a niche for themselves in various segment of the industry such as afrojazz, gospel, hip pop, Fuji, afro juju etc. Adeyanju Adenike popularly known as Princess on stage is another peg in the round hole advocating for peace and love in Africa through her cultural value gospel.

Her nomination to be part of the artiste representing Nigeria at the International festival Puntal Del Este in Uruguay, south America in November 14-21, 2020 is a privilege to sell our local content to world.

 She revealed the identity of the man who helped her discover the festival, in person The Nigerian National Director to the festival Mr.Samuel Olusola Israel, popularly known as Deeafrika.

According to Business Life Africa ‘it is good to be a local business citizen before becoming a part of the global business citizen' she has been a productive local citizen and worthy to be part of the global citizen in the music industry.

Her source of inspiration

God is my source of inspiration because when I search around the world, most especially my country Nigeria) I discovered that youth, men women, adults are looking for quick money or fast way without working. 

Another one is impatient for the appropriate time to glow in glory at their location where their allocation are waiting for their arrival at the destinations without robbing nor steal.’ Princess emphasized.

 Her Philosophy

My life philosophy lies on Reliability. Reliability is the ability that measures your trustworthiness. A reliable person is one who can be trusted to do something well. There are several implications arising from this. First, trust is a critical item in the success equation. This applies both at the personal and corporate levels. Can you be trusted? Do your team mates rate you high on your reliability quotient? Secondly, do you have the Know-how? Trust is built on know-how, which is the fruit of discipline and practice.

Reliability is the ability to rise up to the challenge when it matters most. There are four obvious components to this ability: confidence, courage, composure and conscientiousness. They form the four legs of the stool. Without one leg, the stool may stand; but put a little pressure on it and it collapses.

Can you do what you do very well at the most critical moment? Can we trust you to deliver even when the odds are stacked against you? You have heard it said that you should not trust anybody; why is that? Is it because you are afraid of being trusted?

How well do you rate yourself on your reliability-ability? You will need to rate yourself on the component parts – confidence, courage, composure and conscientiousness. Confidence is a function of knowledge, when you know how to do it, you become confident. Courage is a mark of warriors; it is not the absence of fear, but the boldness in the face of fear or discouragement. Is that prospect turning you back, are you up against intimidating resistance or competition? If you do not have courage you will become unreliable.

Composure is primarily your packaging; it is smiling when the customer is raining abuses on you and your generations to come, not because what is being said is funny but because you can restrain yourself. You are in charge of your space; you are composed and therefore reliable. Conscientiousness speaks of your carefulness and preciseness.

These are the factors that stands me out as an individual and increase my perception rating in the entertainment industry as an artiste.
Can we count on you?’ She asked.

 Influencers/role model

I have been able to work with different artiste in studio as backup artiste. It is a known facts 'if you are not a good follower, you can never be good leader.” Law of karma: whatever goes around comes around.

 Many Nigerian artist influence my musical career but out of all my top 5 are Simi, Tiwa savage, Oyinlade, Whizkid and D banj. These are celebrity identities that really shape my music concept, adenike appraised.

She said, If I’m to collaborate with any Nigerian artiste, my top 4 persons are Yinka Devies, Tiwa savage and Simi.

 *Covid-19 experience*

C-19 unveils a lot of opportunities and creativity in the entertainment industry. It really disrupt but it is a blessing in disguise for those who are prepared for the digital economy prognosis.

Coping with the pandemic as an entertainers, we need to up our games by embracing technology and investing in other things (diversification).

 I will advise everyone to listen to the government guide line of staying safe and a life by covering your nose with nose mask, use of alcohol based sanitizer and maintain a social distance to conquer the covid monster together.

 Advice for upcoming artiste and youths.

It is better you have a desire to grow and not to blow as it is been use in the Nigerian entertainment industry ‘I want blow’. _Note: anything that blows don’t have remedy._

And if you try and still fail, retry again or relaunch. Your relaunch might be a tool to your credibility and standard when you bounce back on the field.

Never stop trying, do something today. Carve a niche for yourself, let people address you as the brain behind something.
The Noah’s Ark was built by Amateur while the Titan ship was built by professional. Why waiting?

You don’t have to wait anymore start something today. Problems are everywhere, try to proffer solutions to anyone of them to be relevant either by singing, acting, writing, drawing etc.

 Keep focusing and striving, surely you will get there.’ Princess advices

 Her Brief profile

Adeyanju Adenike Latifat popularly known and addressed as Princess on stage came from a royal family in Ilaro, Ogun State. She attended Folbim Secondary school and graduated from the prestigious institute of science technology Lagos State polytechnic, ikorodu as a science laboratory Technologist.

She has over five singles to her credit which is tailored after peace, love and unity advocacy. Namely PATIENCE, LOVE, ARIWO OLA(voice of Joy), Dance and molue.
She is friendly and love to meet people.

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