Alhaji Remi and Alhaja Aisha Badmus: Celebrating the GO GETTERS & GO GIVERS at 81 and 80

By Oluwatosin Oladipo

Alhaji Remi and Alhaja Aisha Badmus

Who is a go-getter? The Online Thesaurus defines a go getter as “a person who acts and gets things done; " a miracle worker". Go-getters are people who take action. Rather than waiting for circumstances to go their way, they create circumstances that go their way. Go-getters make things happen.

Go getters leave a legacy and one that's hard to match. They are the people whose shoes are too big for someone else. It does not matter whether it's in business, religion or family. Once you have to take over from a go-getter you have a greater task to meet up with their standard. Their shadows will continue to dominate your best efforts. Perhaps you need to just think of Dora Akunyili and NAFDAC. History is replete with such examples.
Go getters are always asking, 'how do we get to the next level'? That is the definition of being ambitious. But what happens when you have reached the top of your ladder?

John Rockefeller is reputed to be the first American billionaire and according to Google, he may as well be the richest man that ever lived on earth. When you hear of the Rockefeller Foundation and all its endowments in education, health etc, you think the man that started what is today known as Exxon Mobil started philanthropy when he became wealthy. How wrong. Take this line from his bio on Google, “From the beginning, he donated about 6% of his earnings to charity, which increased to 10% by the age of twenty, when he tithed to his Baptist church” That’s a powerful testimony for tithing.

The Ford Foundation was established by Henry Ford, the man that revolutionized production lines. Like Rockefeller, Ford was always giving. While other employers were looking for ways to lower wages in order to increase profit, he raised wages by 100% paying the famous $5/day to qualified hands. It was outrageous in his days, but it eventually gave him the best engineers in America and soon his profit soared. Today the Ford Foundation is involved in development and educational efforts in many countries of the world.
Oprah Winfrey's biography is a movie in the making. The black girl from Mississippi who was abused by several men did not turn her hurt into a personal vendetta on all men – seeking vengeance at every opportunity. Rather she developed an understanding of human struggles that gave her a peculiar flavor and this is what made the Chicago AM more than just another talk show. It became The Oprah Winfrey Show and what impact it has made around the world!

Alhaji Remi and Alhaja Aisha Badmus are also legacies inventors like others great philanthropist, who have contributed much to life building via education, capacity building, advocacy and empowerment in various field of life in Nigeria.

Alhaji Remi Badmus was born at Ilawe Ekiti, in June 1939. He was a Director of schools in Ekiti state, former principal of Ekiti state unity secondary school and a proud legislator, honorable member of the Ondo state house of assembly before split. He was a member of the Nigeria football supporters club and a popular and accomplished politician per excellence.

 Alhaja Aisha Badmus was born at Ikole Ekiti Isunrin, Ekiti state on 22nd of April, 1940. She attended Education primary school, Ikole ekiti and teachers’ college in Ado Ekiti. She was bagged National council of women society of Nigeria merit award on 29th march, 1999. Alhaja was also formal AMIRA president Ekiti south west local government, and Commissioner teaching service commission 2010.  She was the former Commissioner for women affairs and social development during the military regime. She was also the secretary of Federation of Muslim women association of Nigeria (FOMWAN).

Celebrating these duo philanthropist and power couple at 80 and 81 is nothing but a symbol of grace and favour to serve humanity with their diverse creative attributes and probity.

Both celebrants met at the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University. The duo genius educationist has been in the marriage journey for about 6 decades, still counting and their union is with God fearing children.

It is easy to assume that these men and women became rich and famous because they were go getters. People who could not be stopped by the challenges they faced. How wrong! They are not only go getters but go givers as well!

There is a limit to how far a go-getter can go. They can be the most profitable employee, most popular politician, most aggressive marketer or they can rise to the top of the organization, even own their organizations but they cannot go further than that. It is a natural law.
Look at the lives of the greatest givers that have lived on earth and their contributions, it is instructive to note that they did not give because they were philanthropists; rather they became philanthropists because they gave!

Blessed is the hand that giveth than the ones that taketh. Because they gave, life gave back to them. They increased their wealth by increasing their giving. It is the best win-win situation you can think of. Just look at Alhaji Remi and Alhaja Aisha Badmus, how they became wealthy and powerful in the political space via their zeal in raising reliable people across the nation, Nigeria. They unlocked wealth when the duo started giving to others.
Remi & Aisha's life Philosophies
They are disciplinarian to the core who always lay emphasis on reliability – the ability that measures trustworthiness. They can go extra mile for a reliable person whom they trusted to do something well. There are several implications arising from this. Trust is a critical item in the success equation. This applies to both personal and corporate levels. Can you be trusted?

Alhaji Remi believed more on reliability which is the ability to rise up to the challenge when it matters most. Confidence, courage, composure and conscientiousness are the four obvious components of reliability.

Alhaja Aisha dwells more on composure which is primarily someone's packaging; it is smiling when a friends, family or customer start raining abuses on you and your generations to come, not because what is being said is funny but because you can restrain yourself. You must be in charge of your space, composed and reliable. Conscientiousness speaks of someone's carefulness and preciseness but your confidence is also key to reliability.
These are the factors that stands them out as an individual and increase their perception rating in relating with people as educationist and politician.

Children Testimonial

Oyebisi Ojo: Happy birthday Dad and Mom. I know that you missed the days of your youth and never ending energy but now you have something greater at 80/81 years' worth of awesomeness; I hope the Angels of happiness will visit you today and bless you with their presence for your remaining years. Enjoy your day!

Oyebode Badmus: Daddy & Mummy, you are my pillar and vertebra that sustain my standing. You are an exemplary parent we can boast of anywhere, for your sustainable policies you imbibe in us which make us an unstoppable. we cherish you, dad and mum at 81 and 80. Happy Birthday!

Oyeyinka Bamijoko: I give God all glory for this great opportunity to witness my dad & mum 81st & 80th birthday.  It is a great favour and mercy of God for them to be alive today.  They are great parent, power couple, disciplinarian to the core, philanthropist who have sponsored other people's children school fees, empowered people in business establishment to mention but a few. These are great attributes that has helped we children.  I am really proud of you as my parents and I pray that God will grant you grace to live longer. Happy birthday to my loving parent.

Prophet Kunle and Evangelist Oyebimpe Aroniyo: Next to beauty is the power of Appreciation! Daddy and Mummy, you are an epitome of beauty, grace and favour fashioned with diverse creative attributes and probity. You never give room for complains because the winner has no room for complaints. The only room available as option to you is the room for self-development. You always advise us never to let our environment impoverish us rather to improve. You are a blessing to your generation and ours. I want to say happy birthday to the powerful coupled with legacies at 81 and 80.

Oyebola Ogungbuaro: With an enormous sense of gratitude and appreciation to these two people who had given me so much of themselves, I thank you for the love and sacrifice you have shown in raising me, I am blessed with parents who are extraordinary educationist and disciplinarian. You were smart and well read, you had style and grace you brought us all the children up to be strong and you filled our life with passion. Happy 80th and 81st birthday to my lovely parents.

Oyenike Olatunji: Happy birthday to my super heroes, my handsome dad and ever looking young mum, I bless God for this golden opportunity to express my gratitude to you both for raising me to become the woman I am today, you have not only been a blessing to your biological children, your positive impact in the lives of your numerous non biological children got them talking on social media. God will preserve your lives to witness many more of this.

From Oyeronke Ojajuni nee Badmus (baby of the house, now mummy): Words cannot express how much amazing you are as parent. Thank you for your love and support by giving me life filled with love, encouragement and praise. “I have loved you for 13,870 days and still counting. I would like to thank you for being my rock always. Happy 80th and 81st birthday.

Olusegun Ojo, for Sons in-law: On behalf of all the Sons in-law we echo a birthday greeting to daddy and mummy. we rejoice with you as you add a new age, we pray for you that you will live the rest of your life with peace, happiness and prosperity. Wishing you awesome and blissful celebration.

Divine Aroniyo for the Grandchildren: On behalf of all the grandchildren Divine Aroniyo says happy birthday to Grandpa and Grandma we love you.

Ariel Remmy Bamijoko, great granddaughter:  Congrats to my great grandparents on your birthday.  Wishing you LLNP.

Love Fifehanmi Badmus: Dear granpa and grandma. Happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the entire world! I hope that you have as much fun on your birthday as I always have when I am with you. Thank you for all the things you have done for me throughout the year.

From Omolabake Ojo: I can't thank my lucky stars enough for having such phenomenal grandparents like you in my life. Being your first grandchild has brought nothing but blessings to me and I hope your birthday is as phenomenal as you both are.
Advise to Young One
‘Life is about giving. What are you giving today? It's not about how much you have, but how much you desire to help. Give more value in your products and services than what people paid for. Give more of your time, gift to your family, business, community, religious value and employer than deserved. Give more of forgiveness and love. Give! Alhaji Remi Emphasized.

Alhaja Aisha admonished that ‘You may not have the money nevertheless it's not about the money however the desire. See, Rockefeller didn't wait for when he'd become a billionaire before he started, Bill Gates did not wait, Oprah did not wait, we too did not wait, why should you wait? You must fight for your place in life and follow the time-tested path as a go -giver. It is great to be a go-getter; it is even better to be a go-giver. But whatever you do please don't be a go-taker!’

Finally, no matter how talented you may be, indiscipline will bring you down. A man or woman who does not exercise self-control will go down sooner than later. If you must survive and share testimony your marriage and business, you must suffer one out of these two: ‘the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment’.  
Without discipline, there is no life at all. Please control your appetite, emotions and discipline yourself to break any hurtful habit you may have. Master your habit before your habit masters you. These, are what sustain our life, business and marriage tempo up till this moment. Be discipline!’ - Remi and Aisha Badmus Advised.

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