Jumoke Adeyanju: Changing Nigeria's Gospel Music Narratives from Blow to Grow.

L/Evang Jumoke Adeyanju ministering in his presence

By Oluwatosin  Oladipo


Some people are really beautiful. I am not talking about the usual case of beauty being in the eyes of the beholder. I am talking about the beauty that everyone who sees accepts. But they are not known or celebrated. They are desirable but not available.

Some people are great writers. They can really write a story. They could create heart stirring personalities. They could weave unbelievable suspense into a seeming straightforward story. They could make William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemmingway and Charles Dickens green with envy. They are the kind of writers the world yearns for. But no one has ever read their books. No one has ever encountered their great story telling ability beyond their family members or small communities. They are desirable but not available.

How many great composers were there in the days of Mozart or after? How many do you know? Certainly you know people with better vocal abilities than some of the artistes we listen to daily. In other words their music ability is no ability without presence. It is the same in every area of life.

Broken Jinx 
Recently, Jumoke Adeyanju broke the jinx of many years with her availability for kingdom service in His Presence by unleashing her capacity to launch two album together on Sunday 15th March, 2020. 

Jumoke  Adeyanju revealed to glintsiigtv that our Outside Cannot Outgrow Your Inside.

'You might not know how happy I was when I came to the understanding that I was rich even though I had no visible proof of it,' she said emphatically.

 I didn’t have sufficient money at that time to come to that conclusion but you know what? I had so much value on the inside that I knew that in a little while my outer reality will catch up with mnner reality, she affirmed.

This assurance brought me to a mental state where whether I had money or not, I was happy. Why? My success was and still is not based on material possessions but on my value, she said.

However, I want you to have that frame of mind too. You see, circumstances can take away your money but they cannot take away what you know, she advices.

'We need to erase the mindset of blowing and embrace growing concept. Most artistes are now of the opinion to blow, why? It is better to grow in capacity than to blow with nothing to sustain it. Your gradual growth is your testimony to be shared for others as a lessons. There is no short cut anywhere, it only cut short, she said.

Her probity fashioned with corporate governance is impeccable. Those who were present knew that 'In His presence praise concert' powered Jumoke Adeyanju music ministry was a blast with the presence of God the Almighty, chairman and chief launcher of the event. The presence of many great ministers of God from home and abroad,  Gospel ministers association (GOMA)  members were heavily represented,  Guest artistes invited, dancers, siblings, family, fans, sponsors and media platform acknowledged.

Testimonies of exceptional
Hon. Lanre Ogunyemi (HLO), Secretary, APC Lagos State who was present at the event said in an interview with Glintsightv that Jumoke is a talent and an exemplary artiste that others can emulate to grow and not to blow.

He also said that, all her music tracks are loaded with message from above. The uniqueness of her song distinguised her from equals and carve a niche for her. I love all the songs tracks from ' Eniti o ba more, omimimile, don't stop me and also the Goodnews and Hallelujah! Amen  just drop to proclaim and prophesy the mind of God to us.

Politically, I will advise individuals, organisations, government to support the gospel legend who are contributing to the growth and sustainability of moral values in our society via corrective and hope building  messages in music form.

I decided to support her by inviting her to my birthday party as the artiste of the day and it was awesome, 'said HLO

Prophet kunle Aroniyo, DS, powerhouse, North Atlanta zone, USA emphasised on the need to be in God's presence in order to be free from all kinds of diseases and diverse outbreak threatening the world.

He prescribe the new album launched tagged Goodnews by L/Evang Jumoke Adeyanju as the antidote to all kind of diseases such as Corona Virus, Ebola, monkeypose, fever typhoid etc once you have a copy and listen to the heavenly message that can clear all kind of viruses.
She is not the one, Her availability for the work of God gave her the edge, said Aroniyo.

The Dutchess of music, L\Evang. Esther Igbekele's ministration during the event was cyclopean.

Advise for upcoming music ministers.
You  need to develop your availability. You need to know how to show up at the right time. You need to learn how to volunteer for the dirty jobs, not because you are the dog, but because you are developing your availability. Ability has a way of magnifying when it is blended with availability.

David would probably have remained just a shepherd boy with a great personal story of facing a lion one-on-one, but nobody would have celebrated him if he had not dared to show up and confront Goliath. It is possible that among the armies of Israel camped that day for battle were men who had more exploits under their belts than David. They had more ability but they failed to be available when it mattered most.

Ability is nothing without availability. Do you have a great idea resting majestically in your head? A great song yet to be sung? A great play/movie still unscripted? A great product that could redefine your industry? A great medical breakthrough? A great approach to Nigeria’s power problems? ​ These are just great nothings, and will remain so until they become available.

You must learn to show up. Develop the ability called availability. Be ready when it’s convenient and when it’s not. Learn to be there when it matters most. Take a prominent role in your team. Dare to ask that question even if it may seem stupid; get the attention of the people that matter. Take the risk, the heavens will not fall. At worst you will have to try again, but please, be available. You can’t win in a race where you are absent.

Good becomes exceptionally excellent for one reason only – it is available. Always remember the saying, ‘when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable.’

Her Brief history
Jumoke Adeyanju is a song writer, composer, Gospel Music Minister and proprietress with diverse creative attributes. She is an exemplary gospel minister with probity who has distingushed herself out of the streams of artistes via her heavenly loaded music messages and rythmn.

All over the world people are appreciating God's  efficacy  in her life as one of the powerful music icon changing gospel music narratives in the 21st century.

She is a native of Owo in Ondo state,  got married to a great vessel in the hand of God, Pastor Olanrewaju Adeyanju a native of Ishaga Orile, Ogun State. There union is blessed with God fearing children. They both graduated from Lagos State Polytechnic. She studied Computer Science while her spouse studies electrical electronics respectively.

She has six albums to her credit and it was recalled that she ventured into gospel music as a chorister. She vowed not to compromise the standard and spiritual life which is her viable strength.

As we continue to March on with all our hopes and dreams, the only question I want you to answer is “will you be desirable, talented, skillful and unavailable or will you be imperfect and available?” Your answer will determine your success this year and for the rest of your life. May you be available this week when opportunity comes calling.

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